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Northern Ghana will become a food supplier for West Africa – Alan Kyeremateng

Alan Kyeremateng, leader and founder of the Movement for Change and independent candidate for the 2024 presidential elections of the Alliance for Revolutionary Change (ARC), unveiled a transformation plan to harness the vast food production potential of the five northern regions and position the region as the food supplier for West Africa.

“The food production potential of the five regions is immense,” Kyeremateng said, adding that “by harnessing this potential, the North can not only achieve self-sufficiency but also become the main supplier of food for the whole of West Africa.”

Kyeremateng spoke to supporters of his movement and other stakeholders during a tour of Tamale in the Northern Region on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

He also stressed the need to empower the youth with skills and resources to help them become economic drivers of the country in various sectors, saying, “The youth in the North of our country need jobs and skills support within their own regions, not in training centers in other regions. Empowering local youth helps build and develop the local economy. The North deserves better.”

His development plan will focus on building a strong agricultural infrastructure and supporting farmers with modern technology and resources, saying “the North deserves better”.

For Kyeremateng, “by investing in local talent and resources, we aim to create a sustainable and vibrant agricultural sector that benefits everyone in the region”.

He believes his transformation plan will have a ripple effect, improving the overall quality of life and reducing the socio-economic gap between the North and the rest of the country.


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