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Armed conflicts hit post-WWII record in 2023

More armed conflicts took place in 2023 than in any other year since the end of World War II, a new study has found.

In accordance to the Peace Research Institute of Oslo (PRIO), 59 armed conflicts occurred
throughout the world last year, with the wars in Ukraine and Gaza leading the way. The number of conflicts in the world has increased, with 28 in Africa, 17 in Asia, and 10 in the Middle East. However, the number of countries experiencing conflicts has declined from 39 in 2022 to 34. This increase is partly due to the spread of ISIS and increasing non-state actors.
Sweden’s Uppsala University reports that combat-related deaths halved last year to 122,000, but remain the third highest since 1989. The past three years saw more conflict-related deaths than any time in the past three decades, driven by civil wars in Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Gaza.


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